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Flooded Basement Cleanup in East Haven, CT

3/2/2021 (Permalink)

flooded basement cleanup near me in connecticut Dealing with basement flooding can be overwhelming. Call the water damage specialists at SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline to make it simple!

When 98 percent of all basements flood or sustain water damage throughout their lifetime, water in your basement is hard to avoid. Water can seep through walls, floors, floor joints, enter through unsealed windows or doors, or a burst pipe can cause severe flood damage in your basement.

Regardless of the cause of your basement flooding in East Haven, CT, fast action is essential to prevent mold growth, unwanted odors, and save water damaged items.

SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline Provides 24/7 Emergency Flooded Basement Cleanup in East Haven, Branford, and Guilford

As your local water damage restoration company, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can quickly remove basement water, dry out your basement, and return it to pre-damage conditions.

  • Free Flood Cleanup Estimates

  • We Handle the Insurance Process

  • Highly Trained and Certified Technicians

What To Do When Your Basement Floods in Connecticut

1.  Safety First

Before entering a flooded basement, you should be aware of any safety hazards. If electrical appliances or your heating system is submerged in water - Do not enter the basement. Call an electrician to turn off the power and turn off the gas.

Flood water from sources such as toilet overflows, sewer backups, or rivers and streams can hold contaminants that can make you ill. Always wear proper protection before entering flood water.

2.  Find the Source of Flooding

Depending on the source of water, you may be able to stop more water from entering your basement and limit your damages.

  • If flooding is due to a burst pipe, leaking pipe, or toilet overflow - Turn off the main water valve to stop the flow of water.
  • If flooding is due to a leaking appliance such as a washing machine, dishwasher, or fridge, stop using it and disconnect it from power.
  • If flooding is due to heavy rain and groundwater seeping into the basement, wait until the storm has stopped to begin cleaning up.

3.  Remove the Water

Depending on the extent of flooding, the water removal process can be a challenge to handle by yourself. If your entire basement is flooded with an inch of water, using household grade wet-dry vacuums or submersible sump pumps can take hours and hours.

If dealing with pools of water, these techniques should be able to clean up the water. But when your entire basement is flooded, its best to call a flooded basement cleanup company to much more quickly perform water removal services.

4.  Dry the Basement

If you don't take steps to properly dry your basement after it floods, you're likely to end up with mold growth and unwanted odors from the high levels of moisture and humidity. To properly dry your basement, you'll want to buy or rent industrial grade fans and dehumidifiers from a local home improvement store. Aim the fans at water affected areas with dehumidifiers nearby and run for at least three days.

When Should You Call A Professional to Clean A Flooded Basement?

Before you Google "Flooded basement cleanup near me", you may be wondering whether or not you need the help of a professional in East Haven, Connecticut for your basement flooding. Times where you should leave flood damage cleanup to the professionals is when:

  • You're dealing with a sewage backup
  • Water is from a contaminated source such as a nearby overflowing river
  • Water has affected finished parts of your basement, such as carpeting or laminate flooring
  • You can tell there is residual moisture in walls or ceilings
  • There is visible mold growth on basement walls, floors, or furniture

Flooded Basement Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent basement flooding?

If your basement floods every time it rains in East Haven, CT, the best thing you can do is invest in basement waterproofing solutions. Depending on your type of basement, its risk of flooding, and where you are located there are many different options. You can install a sump pump, a French drain system, or completely seal and waterproof the basement.

Does insurance cover flooded basements?

Depending on the source of flooding, your insurance company may provide coverage to clean up the damages. Flooding is covered by insurance when it is due to a burst or leaking pipe, appliance malfunction, toilet overflow, sewage backup, or your water heater letting go. When your basement floods from heavy rains, this is unfortunately not usually covered unless you have additional flood insurance coverage.

How do you get rid of the smell in your basement after a flood?

If you notice a musty or damp smell in your basement after it has flooded, it usually means that moisture is still left behind and is causing the odor. If you have carpeting or items in the basement that were wet and not dried, they should be removed to help them dry. Set up a dehumidifier to try and get the remaining moisture out of the basement.

For 24/7 Basement Flooding Cleanup, Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline - 800-734-3213

Roof Leak Water Damage Repair Services in Connecticut

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

roof leak water damage repair near me in connecticut When your roof leaks and causes water damage to your home in Connecticut, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline is Here to Help.

Even when your roof only has a small leak, over time it can cause serious damages inside of your home in Connecticut. Mold, structural problems, and the water damage from a leaking roof should not be taken lightly.

Here, we will review the common causes of roof leaks, what to do when you have water damage from a roof leak, and the problems that it can cause in your Guilford home.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Connecticut

There's many things that can cause a leak in your roof. The most common causes are:

Missing or broken shingles

Your roof shingles can be damaged by many different things, such as hail storms or wind damage. When they're missing or broken, it exposes the waterproof barrier and wood sheathing underneath the shingles and allows water to seep through. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell when there is damage to your shingles or if any are missing from the roof.

Ice damming

When ice dams form on your roof in Guilford, water backs up underneath shingles and causes water leaks from the roof into the attic. When ice dams form, you should remove them as soon as possible to avoid roof damages.

Regular wear and tear

Most roofs are only designed to last 20 or 30 years, meaning that if you haven't had a roof replacement in a few decades, it will be a risk of springing a leak. Over time, the layers of roof weaken and water can enter your home in Connecticut easily.

Improperly installed or damaged flashing

Flashing is a thin layer of steel that is used to direct water away from areas of your roof which are prone to leaks. This is usually installed around chimneys, skylights, or vents. If improperly installed or damaged, they cannot correctly do their job of directing water away from these critical areas.

Signs of Roof Leak Water Damage

There's many signs that your roof is leaking due to the amount of damage it can cause throughout your home. The most common signs of roof leaks include:

  • Water stains on ceilings or walls
  • Peeling or bubbling paint on walls or ceilings
  • Mold growth in the attic or on ceilings
  • Discolored wood on roof rafters
  • Wet insulation
  • Active water leaks during rains or heavy snowmelt
  • Musty or mildew smells in attic
  • Sagging ceilings or walls

When you notice any of these signs of water damage inside of your Guilford, Connecticut home, you should immediately begin investigating the source of your damages. If you ignore a roof leak, it will only become worse over time.

What Should You Do If Your Roof is Leaking?

When you find roof leak water damage in Connecticut, you should take immediate action to prevent damages from spreading throughout your home. The faster you take the following steps, the better:

1.  Try to Contain the Leak

Before doing anything else, grab a bucket, tarp, and towels if there is an active roof or ceiling water leak inside of your home. This will help to contain water damage until further help arrives or you're able to stop the leak.

2.  Call a Roofing Contractor

If you have a roof leak, you'll want to have a professional roof inspection completed right away to repair whatever is causing your water damage. Without getting your roof repaired, you're likely to continue to struggle with water damage from the leaking roof.

3.  Call Your Insurance Company

When you're dealing with roof leak water damage in Connecticut, you should call your homeowner's insurance company and see if you can file a claim. Many times the damages from a damaged or leaking roof is covered by insurance, so long as the problem isn't due to neglect or has been going on for an extended amount of time.

4.  Call a Local Water Damage Restoration Company

When leaky roofs cause water damage in your Guilford home or business, you should call a professional water damage restoration company to assess damages and properly dry out your home. When you don't take steps to properly clean up water damage, your home can end up suffering from structural problems, mold infestations, and rotting wood.

We're Roof Leak Water Damage Repair Specialists Serving Connecticut

As your local water damage restoration specialists in Connecticut, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline has all the training, experience, and resources needed to quickly address your roof leak water damage.

  • 24/7 Emergency Roof Leak Cleanup

  • We Handle The Insurance Process

  • Call Today To Schedule A Free Estimate

For Immediate Roof Leak Water Damage Services in Connecticut, Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline

Ice Dams and Water Damage in Connecticut

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

ice dam leak water damage near me in connecticut When ice dams leak in your home in Connecticut, the water damage can be widespread and should be handled by a professional restoration company.

When freezing temperatures arrive in Connecticut, East Haven area homeowners are unsurprised. What can be surprising is the ice dam damage caused to your property from excess snow and ice on your roof. Ice dams leaking into your home can cause extensive water damage, mold growth, and structural problems.

SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline Is Your Local Ice Dam Water Damage Repair Company in Connecticut

  • Highly Trained Water Damage Restoration Specialists
  • We Handle the Insurance Process
  • 24/7 Emergency Service in Connecticut

What Causes Ice Dams in CT?

Ice dams form with two things: Snow and a warm roof.

When warm air from the living space of your home leaks into the attic through cracks in doors, recessed lighting, or vent fans, it causes the roof to warm above freezing. This causes the snow on the upper parts of the roof to melt.

When the melting water runs down the roof and reaches the eave, it refreezes. This is because the eaves extend past the structure of your home, making them colder than the rest of the roof. Over time, this process forms a ridge of ice and snow that is referred to as an ice dam on your roof.

Ice Dams Damage Your Connecticut Home

Ice dams on your roof can cause major damages to your property. As the ice dam forms and grows, it traps a pool of melted water underneath it. Over time, this water backs up and seeps underneath shingles, through the roof decking, and leaks into the attic of your home.

Damages caused by ice dams include:

  • Interior Water Damage. When ice dams leak into the house, they can cause extensive water damage to floors, ceilings, walls, and attic insulation. Many homeowners often notice ceiling leaks from ice dams or notice bubbling or peeling paint.
  • Roof Damage. The constant melting and refreezing of snow and ice causes roof shingles to break or deteriorate. The roof may sustain damages that cause chronic roof leaks.
  • Gutter Damage. The weight of the ice dam on the edge of the roof can cause gutters to clog, sag, and pull away from your home.
  • Fascia and Soffit Damage. Ice dams can even affect the underside of your roof, damaging the fascia and soffit that prevents pest and weather events from entering your home.

What To Do When Ice Dams Leak Into Your Home

Contain the Water Leak

If snow is leaking from the ceiling or roof, you should first set up buckets and towels to catch any dripping water. This can help prevent damages from spreading around your home.

Call A Local Water Damage Restoration Company In Connecticut

Since ice dam damage is namely behind walls or ceilings, it's best to call the professionals to ensure a proper cleanup process. When walls, floors, ceilings, and insulation are wet, it's likely for mold to form without fast action. SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can provide complete ice dam water damage repair in Connecticut.

Remove the Ice Dam

Snow and ice leaks into your home until the ice dam is removed. There are many methods for DIY ice dam removal, such as using calcium chloride to melt ice or climbing up on the roof and chipping ice away, but both of these methods pose a danger to your roof and your safety. We recommend calling a local ice dam removal service for fast, safe removal.

Preventing Ice Dams and Snow Leaks

The key to preventing ice dam damage to your home in Connecticut is to take steps to ensure that they don't form in the first place. Try one of the following methods to prevent snow and ice from leaking into your home this winter:

  • Remove snow with a roof rake before it has the chance to melt.
  • Better insulate the attic and roof:
    • Seal all air leaks from the living space such as attic doors, recessed lighting, or leaking ductwork
    • Add more insulation to the floor of the attic or the roof
    • Make sure that no exhaust vents discharge into the attic
  • For long term solutions, contact a local roofing company in Connecticut to provide specialized ice dam solutions for your home.

Frequently Asked Ice Dam Questions

Are ice dams covered by insurance?

The water damage from snow and ice leaks should be covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. But, your insurance will not cover the cost of ice dam removal, which on average costs $700 to $1,500.

Do gutter guards cause ice dams?

No, your gutters or gutter guards are not what causes ice dams - the cause is your roof being too warm. But, it is true that clogged gutters can help contribute to snow and ice buildup on your roof.

Are ice dams common?

Ice dams are most common in areas that get a lot of cold weather and snow. They aren't common if your attic and roof are properly insulated.

Contact SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline For Help With Ice Dam Leak Damage in Connecticut Today!

Frozen and Burst Pipe Water Damage Restoration in Guilford, CT

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

frozen burst pipe cleanup restoration near me in guilford ct Burst pipe water damage can affect your entire property, requiring immediate water damage restoration services from SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline.

When winter arrives in Connecticut, Guilford residents are used to cold temperatures. Unfortunately when temperatures dip low enough, water inside your pipes can freeze, expand and cause the pipe to burst or rupture. When not immediately caught, a frozen pipe can flood your entire property and cause extensive water damage.

When Frozen Pipes Burst In Guilford, Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline For 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

As your local water damage restoration company serving Guilford, Branford and surrounding cities, our team of water damage specialists can immediately respond to your burst pipe call. 

We rapidly remove water and begin the drying process in your home or business after a frozen pipe breaks or bursts. Our fast response is essential to prevent mold growth and structural deterioration after water leaks or flooding.

  • We Handle the Insurance Process
  • Highly Trained Burst Pipe Cleanup Specialists
  • "Like it never even happened."

What To Do When A Frozen Pipe Bursts

When pipes freeze in your Guilford home, you may notice banging or clanging noises inside of your walls, caused by water suddenly expanding into ice. You may or may not hear water flowing immediately after, as the ice may prevent the broken pipe from leaking.

When you know a pipe is frozen, you should:

  • Turn off the main water supply. This should be done immediately to prevent extensive damages when the frozen water pipe begins to leak.
  • Take steps to unfreeze the pipe. The best way to unfreeze a pipe is to call a plumber. While there are many DIY methods, it's possible they can still result in the pipe breaking and flooding your home.

If the ice in the pipe is thawed and water is actively flowing into your home, you should:

  • Immediate turn off the main water. If you cannot do this without entering floodwaters, you should contact your plumber and possibly an electrician to avoid electrocution.
  • Follow the sound of the running water. This can help you better contain damages.
  • Move items. You should move any wet or valuable items out of areas that could be affected by water.
  • Immediately call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline. Our team is on standby 24 hours a day - you can always expect to speak with a real person about your water emergency. Our team can immediately dispatch and arrive at your Guilford home or business within 2 hours.

Causes of Leaking, Frozen, or Burst Pipes

  • Lack of insulation
  • Corroded pipes, regular wear and tear
  • Heating system isn't on during cold weather
  • Pipe is damaged by a contractor

Our Frozen and Burst Pipe Restoration Cleanup Services in Connecticut

After your burst pipe leak has been stopped, you can trust SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline to handle all your water damage repair needs in Guilford, Branford, and the surrounding cities.

24/7 Emergency Flood Cleanup & Drying

Our team rapidly responds to your burst pipe emergency in Guilford to provide immediate water removal and takes steps to prevent a mold infestation in your property. SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline utilizes industrial-grade drying and dehumidification equipment to quickly dry out wet materials.

Depending on the extent of water damage, building materials like floors, carpeting, or drywall may need to be removed to facilitate drying and cleaning. Immediately starting the drying process after a pipe breaks can often prevent mold from forming.

Complete Burst Pipe Restoration Services

Once all standing water is cleaned up and your property has been dried out, there's still the matter of restoring your home or business to pre-damage conditions. The in-house construction team at SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can seamlessly take over to make any needed repairs to your home after burst pipe water damage.

Help With Insurance

Connecticut homeowners with frozen or broken pipes can be happy to hear that they're covered by homeowner's insurance. SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline handles the insurance process for you, directly dealing with your insurance company. This helps to make a stressful situation just a little easier for you.

Need Water Damage Restoration For A Leaking, Frozen or Burst Pipe in Guilford, Connecticut? Call SERVPRO Today - 800-734-3213

Leaking Ceiling Water Damage Repair in East Haven, CT

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling leak. ceiling water damage repair near me, east haven ct When you have a ceiling leak, your water damaged ceiling can cause serious structural issues in your East Haven home.

You may deal with a water damaged ceiling for many different reasons, such as leaking pipes, roof leaks, ice damming, and more. Regardless of the source of your damages, it must be dealt with promptly to avoid serious structural damage to your East Haven property. If left long enough, a ceiling with water damage may begin to bow or in the worst case, cave in.

SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline is your local ceiling water damage repair company in East Haven - Call 24/7 for assistance - 800-734-3213

As water damage specialists, the team at SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can quickly provide ceiling repair for water damage in your East Haven area home. Our team works hard to make any water disaster "Like it never even happened."

Repairing Ceiling Water Damage

Before you search "Ceiling water damage repair near me", you may be curious if you can repair the damages yourself. Follow these steps to make repairs to a water damaged ceiling:

  1. Find the Source of Water and Stop it
  2. Dry Out Affected Areas
  3. Repairing the Ceiling

1 - Find the Source of Water and Stop It

You have to find the source of moisture before making any repairs to your leaking ceiling. If you don't, water damage will continue and any efforts you make will be useless.

To find the water source, first investigate the room above the damaged ceiling. Look for leaking bathroom fixtures or exposed pipes. If the room above shows no signs of water leaks, you'll have to remove a portion of the damaged ceiling to investigate further.  Look for leaking pipes or signs of moisture to lead you to the source. Then, take steps to stop it.

If your ceiling leaks from rain, set up tarps, towels, and buckets to catch water until the storm has passed. Call a roofing company immediately to repair your roof leak and prevent further damages.

2 - Dry Out Affected Areas

Depending on the severity of your ceiling water damage, this step may be as simple as setting up some fans or as complicated as removing portions of the ceiling. Before starting, if there is any paint bulging or water bubbles on the ceiling, puncture a small hole and drain water into a bucket.

Set up any fans or dehumidifiers you have and position them towards the damaged area of the ceiling. Equipment will need to be set up for at least three days to properly dry a wet ceiling. If it is clear the ceiling is still saturated or isn't drying, you'll have to remove the damaged sections and continue the drying process.

3 - Repairing the Ceiling

Once the ceiling is dry, it may still have peeling paint, water stains, or complete sections removed that need to be repaired or replaced. Sand down any rough areas and fill any holes with joint compound and smooth it out.

For areas where you removed any damaged drywall, measure the hole and cut out a new piece of drywall that is two inches larger than the hole. Hold the new piece up to the hole and trim it to the proper size with a utility knife. Add joint compound to the edges of the hole and inset the new piece into it, smoothing down the joint compound with a putty knife. Once it has dried, you can sand it down.

Lastly, you can make any cosmetic repairs as needed such as priming and painting the ceiling.

Professional Ceiling Water Damage Repair Services in East Haven

When your water damaged ceiling is more than you can handle on your own, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline is Here to Help. Our team of water damage restoration specialists immediately respond to begin mitigating damages to your home.

Our ceiling water damage restoration services include:

Emergency Response

When there's water leaking from your ceiling, we know a fast response is essential. Once a representative takes down your contact information and details about your loss, a crew is dispatched within two hours.

Water Cleanup

If you're dealing with a major ceiling leak or burst pipe, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline quickly cleans up all standing water in your property. The faster excess water is addressed, the more likely it is for secondary damages like mold growth or structural damage to form.

Complete Drying Services

Using moisture detection and commercial-grade drying equipment, our team can locate all areas of moisture and take steps to ensure all affected areas are completely dry. Whether its floors, walls or ceilings, we don't stop until your East Haven home is completely dry.

Ceiling Restoration

Once SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline has completed all ceiling water damage repairs, our construction team can take over to provide everything from minor repairs to major reconstruction.

Direct Insurance Billing

To make a stressful time easier, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline communicates directly with your insurance company for billing.

Common Water Damage Ceiling Concerns

Should I worry about mold after ceiling water damage repair?

If water damage restoration is completely correctly, you shouldn't have to worry about mold growing afterwards. You should be worried about mold if you aren't taking fast action for a wet ceiling, as it can grow in as little as 48 hours when moisture isn't addressed.

Is ceiling water damage restoration covered by insurance?

In most cases, the ceiling repair for water damage is covered by insurance. It may not be covered if your adjuster determines that the issue has been ongoing for an extended amount of time, and could have been avoided. An example is letting your shower leak for years before taking any action to fix it.

What are the signs of ceiling water damage?

There are many signs that there is moisture in your ceiling. Keeping an eye out for them can help you address water damage before it causes serious structural damages to your home:

Ceiling Water Damage Repair in East Haven, CT - 800-734-3213

Burst Pipe Cleanup For Commercial Properties in Branford

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

water coming from burst pipe. commercial burst pipe cleanup near me branford ct When a frozen pipe bursts in your commercial building, you need immediate burst pipe cleanup services from SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline.

When bitter cold temperatures come through Branford, pipes in your commercial building may be vulnerable to freezing and bursting. If a frozen pipe bursts, hundreds of gallons of water can flood your entire property and cause water damage to walls, ceilings, and floors. 

When a water pipe freezes and bursts, you can call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for 24/7 emergency burst pipe cleanup services in Branford. With over a decade of experience, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline has the experience and resources necessary to provide commercial cleanup for any type of water disaster. 

Our team of water damage restoration specialists work hard to restore your commercial property as soon as possible - whether its an apartment building, big box store, or a small office building.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Directly Bill Insurance
  • Advanced Advanced Water Inspection, Extraction, and Drying Equipment

Frozen and Burst Pipe Cleanup in Branford

Water pipes can break or burst for a variety of reasons, such as freezing, corrosion, or damage done to the pipe. Regardless of the source of the burst pipe, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can provide complete commercial water damage restoration services. 

Emergency Water Removal & Cleanup

When you call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline after a water pipe or water supply line bursts, our team immediately begins removing water when they arrive on site. The faster standing water is removed, the more likely it is for our team to save building materials such as flooring or trim. 

Dry-Out Services

Once all flooding has been addressed, the drying process begins. Commercial grade fans, dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment as needed is set up in affected areas. The drying process for a burst pipe will include removal of walls, flooring, or ceilings. This is to make sure that all affected areas of your commercial property are dried out. 

Mold Remediation - As needed

After water damage, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. If needed, our team can also provide professional mold remediation services for your commercial property


Once the drying process has been completed, restoration can begin. Restoring your commercial building to pre damage conditions may include major repairs and renovations, or simply replacing drywalls and painting. Our in-house construction team can handle the restoration process after the burst pipe cleanup process is complete. 

What To Do When A Pipe Bursts in Your Commercial Building

To prevent extensive water damage to your commercial property, immediately take the following steps after a frozen pipe bursts:

  1. Shut off your main water supply to stop flooding
  2. Call a plumber to repair the broken pipe and to thaw any other frozen pipes
  3. File an insurance claim to cover the costs of burst pipe water damage repair
  4. Call a local burst pipe cleanup and restoration company as soon as possible to begin the cleanup process
  5. Learn how to prevent pipes from freezing in your commercial building 

Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline 24/7 For Commercial Burst Pipe Cleanup - 800-734-3213

Puffback Cleanup & Restoration in Guilford, CT

1/20/2021 (Permalink)

smoke coming from heating vent, furnce puffback cleanup near me guilford, ct When smoke and soot come out of your heating vents, you'll need furnace puffback cleanup services from SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline.

When fuel builds up in the combustion chamber of your furnace and causes a misfire that sends soot and smoke throughout your home, you're dealing with a puffback. While you may want to begin cleaning yourself, the sticky, black soot and smoke residues are a tremendous challenge to clean.

For professional furnace puffback cleanup services in Guilford, call the fire and smoke damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for 24/7 assistance.

Can You Clean Puffback Soot Yourself?

After a puffback occurs in your home, smoke and soot can cover virtually every surface. Many homeowners try to clean soot from a puff back, but you shouldn't. In fact, trying to cleanup smoke and soot damage yourself can make the problem worse.

  • Scrubbing walls damaged by smoke and soot can embed it further
  • Using improper chemicals or cleaning solutions on soot damage can make it harder for professionals to clean it later, increasing time and cost of restoration
  • Without the proper materials, equipment, or techniques - Smoke and soot particles will not be taken out of the air, continuing the problem over time
  • Homeowners may throw away fabrics or soft materials that could've been salvaged by a professional fire and smoke restoration service

What To Do After A Puffback

  1. File an insurance claim
  2. Contact a local HVAC professional to repair your heating system
  3. Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for puffback cleaning services
  4. Do not use your heating system until it has been repaired and cleaned

Puffback Cleanup Services

SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can handle all soot and smoke damage cleanup after a furnace puff back in your Guilford home. When our puffback cleanup team arrives on site, they will immediately begin the following services:

  1. Isolate affected areas to prevent the further spread of soot particles
  2. Install air scrubbers to remove all soot and smoke particles from the air, aid in deodorization
  3. Soot cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors using dry chemical sponges and SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline's specialized cleaning solutions
  4. Odor removal
  5. Duct cleaning to remove all smoke and soot residues from the heating system
  6. Content cleaning and restoration services
  7. Demolition (As needed)
  8. Painting & restoration by our construction division (As needed)

Call Today For Puffback Cleanup in Guilford - 800-734-3213

Fire Sprinkler Flood Cleanup in Branford, CT

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

fire sprinkler flood cleanup near me branford, ct When sprinklers are discharged inside your Branford commercial property, fire sprinkler flood cleanup services are likely required.

Fire sprinklers are an essential way to protect your commercial business and save lives in the event of a fire. But, when sprinklers leak or go off, you can end up with a considerable amount of flooding and sprinkler water damage.

When the sprinkler system goes off in your commercial property, call the water damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline. Our team can provide rapid fire sprinkler flood cleanup services for your Branford business 24 hours a day.

  • Accept All Insurance Carriers
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Fire Sprinkler Flood Cleanup Services

Whether or not the sprinkler system goes off accidentally or because of a fire, huge amounts of water will saturate walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. If fire sprinkler water damage is not quickly addressed, mold and mildew may begin to grow and building materials deteriorate.

When you call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for fire sprinkler flood cleanup, we provide the following:

  • Emergency Response - Our emergency response team will be dispatched to your commercial property to start work as soon as possible to minimize damages.
  • Water Removal - Using commercial grade water extractors, we remove all standing water from your property.
  • Drying Services - Commercial grade air movers and dehumidifiers are placed in affected areas of your property. Depending on the severity of damages, flood cuts may need to be made to walls or carpets removed to ensure all areas properly dry. Equipment is not removed until a moisture reading confirms the building materials are dry.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing - Once your commercial property has been dried, our team clean, sanitizes, and treats the affected area with an antimicrobial spray. This step helps ensure no bacteria is left behind and mold doesn't begin to grow.
  • Restoration - Our restoration professionals on our construction team can work with business owners to bring the property back to pre-damage conditions. This may include replacing carpets, painting, replacing drywall, and other repairs as needed.

Our team of water damage restoration professionals will work hard to make your fire sprinkler flood "Like it never even happened."

What To Do Until Help Arrives

The water damage that results from a fire sprinkler system going off likely cannot be handled by yourself. But, while waiting for a water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline to arrive, there are some steps you can take to minimize damages and get the restoration process started:

  1. Be weary of safety hazards, such as wet electrical components.
  2. If the sprinkler system has gone off by accident, disable it as soon as possible to stop flooding.
  3. Call your insurance company and file a claim for your commercial property.
  4. If needed, call a plumber to make needed repairs to the sprinkler pipes.

Call Us 24/7 For Fire Sprinkler Flood Cleanup - 800-734-3213

Burst Pipe Cleanup in East Haven, CT

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

damage from frozen pipe. Burst pipe cleanup near me east haven, ct After a frozen pipe burst, this home required extensive water damage cleanup services by SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline.

When a frozen pipe bursts, water damage can affect every level of your East Haven, CT home. For rapid burst pipe cleanup, you can call the water damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for 24/7 emergency restoration services.

What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

There are a few simple steps you can take after a water leak or a pipe breaks to prevent further damages to your home:

  1. Immediately turn off the main water supply to prevent further flooding and property damage
  2. Call your homeowner's insurance company and file an insurance claim
  3. Call your plumber to repair your water pipe and ensure no others are frozen
  4. Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for 24/7 burst pipe cleanup services - 800-734-3213
  5. Use mops, towels, or a wet dry vacuum to get up standing water until SERVPRO water damage restoration professionals arrive

Frozen and Burst Pipe Cleanup Services

SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can completely restore all damage from a burst pipe in your East Haven home. A Project Manager will meet with you on site to explain our services and the anticipated water damage cleanup timeline.

Our burst pipe cleanup process includes:

  • Emergency Contact  

When you call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline, a representative will ask questions about your loss so that our team is fully prepared when they arrive at your property. Your representative will ask when the pipe burst, where is the pipe located, where the affected areas are in your home, if the water has stopped flowing, whether or not mold and begun to grow, and if you've filed an insurance claim.

  • Water Removal & Cleanup

Our team arrives on site and immediately begins to remove any standing water using commercial grade equipment. We work quickly to prevent mold growth and make it more likely carpets, trim, or flooring can be saved.

  • Drying Process

Once all standing water has been cleaned up, commercial grade drying equipment is setup throughout your home. Depending on the extend of your damages, walls, floors, or ceilings may be opened up to aid in the drying process. You can expect fans, dehumidifiers, floor drying mats, and more. This equipment will not be removed until your property has been confirmed dry.

  • Mold Remediation 

When water damage occurs, mold is always a possibility. Our team will remediate mold as needed. Mold usually becomes a problem when the water damage from leaking or burst pipes isn't immediately addressed.

  • Restoration 

Once equipment has been removed from your home, restoration can begin. Depending on the extent of damages, this may range from replacing drywall to installing a new carpet. Our in-house construction division can seamlessly take over your project to ensure your burst pipe is "Like it never even happened."

As a professional water damage restoration company, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline has all the experience and tools needed to bring your home back to pre-damage conditions. 

SERVPRO will even handle the entire insurance process and bill your insurance company directly to make a stressful situation easier.

Need Cleanup After A Burst Pipe in East Haven? Call SERVPRO 24/7 - 800-734-2313

Puffback Soot Cleaning Services in East Haven, CT

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

puffback soot cleaning near me east haven ct The soot cleaning after a furnace puffback is a long, detailed process that should be completed by professional fire damage restoration specialists.

You may assume the only way your home could sustain smoke damage would be in the event of a fire. But, the other leading cause of smoke and soot damage is a furnace puffback.

Puffbacks occur when your furnace or oil burner malfunctions and causes fuel to accumulate in the combustion chamber. When excess fuel finally ignites, it causes an 'explosion' in the combustion chamber. This explosion spreads soot and smoke across your entire home, through the heating system.

The damage from a puffback requires professional smoke and soot cleaning services

Using our fire damage restoration cleaning methods, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can provide thorough smoke and soot cleaning after a furnace puffback.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Directly Bill Your Insurance
  • Free Inspection & Estimates
  • Highly Trained Smoke Restoration Technicians

How Do You Know A Puffback Has Occurred?

Depending on the severity of your furnace puffback, you may not be able to tell that it has happened right away. In the case of a severe puffback, soot and smoke will leave visible black or grey stains on walls and ceilings. Areas where puffback soot deposition would be most noticeable is around your heating vents, as this is the source of soot particles being spread around your home.

For smaller furnace puffbacks that occur over time, you may mistake soot for regular dust around your home. But, this dust may reappear only hours after being cleaned, and leave a dark residue on your fingers when you touch it.

Other signs of a puffback include:

  • Soot 'Webs' - Soot particles cling to cobwebs or dusty areas of your home, turning them from translucent to black.
  • Strong Odors - If you smell oil when your furnace or boiler kicks on, it can be a sign of a puffback.
  • Soot on Your Hands - When touching walls or counters, you may notice fine, black soot on your hands.
  • Streaking - If you go to regularly clean an area of your home and notice black or grey streaks form afterwards, it may be because of soot and smoke covering your walls.

Puffback Soot Cleaning Process

You should always call a professional when it comes to cleaning up soot. Using soap and water or scrubbing your soot-covered walls can embed soot particles further and make it more difficult to clean. In addition, without the proper chemicals or cleaning procedures, homeowners cannot completely remove all soot and smoke particles or address unwanted odors.

When you call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for puffback soot cleanup services, our representatives will ask a few questions:

  • When did this occur?
  • Is there visible soot?
  • What areas of the home have been affected by smoke, soot, or odors?
  • Have you tried cleaning anything yourself?
  • Have you filed a claim with your insurance company?
  • Is your HVAC system off?

These questions help us determine what type of response and cleaning is needed for your soot problems.

When our soot cleaning and restoration teams arrive on site, they provide the following puff back soot cleaning services:

  1. Isolation of any affected areas to stop the further spread of soot particles
  2. Installation of air scrubbers to remove all soot and smoke particles from the air
  3. Soot cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors using dry chemical sponges and SERVPRO cleaning solutions
  4. Smoke odor removal
  5. Duct cleaning to ensure all smoke and soot residues are removed from the heating system
  6. Upholstery cleaning
  7. Content cleaning and restoration services
  8. Demolition (As needed)
  9. Painting & restoration by our construction division (As needed)

Need Soot Cleaning Services? Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline - 800-734-3213