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Puffback Soot Cleaning Services in East Haven, CT

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

puffback soot cleaning near me east haven ct The soot cleaning after a furnace puffback is a long, detailed process that should be completed by professional fire damage restoration specialists.

You may assume the only way your home could sustain smoke damage would be in the event of a fire. But, the other leading cause of smoke and soot damage is a furnace puffback.

Puffbacks occur when your furnace or oil burner malfunctions and causes fuel to accumulate in the combustion chamber. When excess fuel finally ignites, it causes an 'explosion' in the combustion chamber. This explosion spreads soot and smoke across your entire home, through the heating system.

The resulting damage from a puffback requires professional smoke and soot cleaning services. Using our fire damage restoration cleaning methods, SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline can provide thorough smoke and soot cleaning after a furnace puffback.

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How Do You Know A Puffback Has Occured?

Depending on the severity of your furnace puffback, you may not be able to tell that it has happened right away. In the case of a severe puffback, soot and smoke will leave visible black or grey stains on walls and ceilings. Areas where puffback soot deposition would be most noticeable is around your heating vents, as this is the source of soot particles being spread around your home.

For smaller furnace puffbacks that occur over time, you may mistake soot for regular dust around your home. But, this dust may reappear only hours after being cleaned, and leave a dark residue on your fingers when you touch it.

Other signs of a puffback include:

  • Soot 'Webs' - Soot particles cling to cobwebs or dusty areas of your home, turning them from translucent to black.
  • Strong Odors - If you smell oil when your furnace or boiler kicks on, it can be a sign of a puffback.
  • Soot on Your Hands - When touching walls or counters, you may notice fine, black soot on your hands.
  • Streaking - If you go to regularly clean an area of your home and notice black or grey streaks form afterwards, it may be because of soot and smoke covering your walls.

Puffback Soot Cleaning Process

You should always call a professional when it comes to cleaning up soot. Using soap and water or scrubbing your soot-covered walls can embed soot particles further and make it more difficult to clean. In addition, without the proper chemicals or cleaning procedures, homeowners cannot completely remove all soot and smoke particles or address unwanted odors.

When you call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline for puffback soot cleanup services, our representatives will ask a few questions:

  • When did this occur?
  • Is there visible soot?
  • What areas of the home have been affected by smoke, soot, or odors?
  • Have you tried cleaning anything yourself?
  • Have you filed a claim with your insurance company?
  • Is your HVAC system off?

These questions help us determine what type of response and cleaning is needed for your soot problems.

When our soot cleaning and restoration teams arrive on site, they provide the following puff back soot cleaning services:

  1. Isolation of any affected areas to stop the further spread of soot particles
  2. Installation of air scrubbers to remove all soot and smoke particles from the air
  3. Soot cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors using dry chemical sponges and SERVPRO cleaning solutions
  4. Smoke odor removal
  5. Duct cleaning to ensure all smoke and soot residues are removed from the heating system
  6. Upholstery cleaning
  7. Content cleaning and restoration services
  8. Demolition (As needed)
  9. Painting & restoration by our construction division (As needed)

Need Soot Cleaning Services? Call SERVPRO of Branford/Shoreline - 800-734-3213

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